Sunday, May 22, 2016

eXciting Finale! XMen:Apocalypse Movie Review

Censor Rating: PG-13(USA), U/A (India)
My Score: 3/5

So, here is the thing. The only thing stopping Marvel from taking over the complete X-Men franchise from 20th Century Fox is the current success that is being earned by it. The moment the bubble bursts, Marvel is going to sweep in and do what they did with Sony for our friendly neighbourhood Web Slinger. So, the pressure is on for each and every movie made to succeed not just from a box office perspective but also from the fan fare it would get. The bad news is that you get a product on screen which struggles with individual character development. The good news is that the comic essence of the franchise is retained and is on full display in this one.

So, X-Men Apocalypse takes place 10 years after the events of Days of Future Past where we see the rise of Apocalypse aka En Sabah Nur (who was teased at the end of the previous movie) in the 80s world. Touted as the 1st real mutant to walk the earth, he makes his ambitions to conquer the world very clear as he goes in search of his happy helpers aka horsemen. Our original characters get caught up in the fray giving rise to a conflict which takes the trilogy to a more logical grounded conclusion. 

The "Behind-The-Scenes Stuff"
The key part of this new trilogy is that the writing has been good, grippy and honest to the source material. Another benefit they got is from the Days of Future Past which allowed them to wipe out all the doing of the previous trilogy. So, they got to play around with the story line and introduce characters and unleash old ones with some new style and purpose. The back story of Magneto was by far the best one I have seen but would have wanted to see more development on. Same goes for Jean Grey as her character has always been a pivotal one. Further, the use of certain character traits (not giving away spoilers here) was not really justified and shown as I would have liked. It left me thinking "huh, ok, so why did they do that for?". I guess it was suppose to be a shock event but it ended up asking more questions than giving in to the excitement. 

Dialogues were well written actually and were perfect in terms of timing in the script. The pace was also good but scenes were not backed up with more information which led to you enjoying the flick but not really caring for the scenes.

Bryan Singer has XMen in his blood by now and he has become the master of directing these flicks. The style and essence of the comic books is there for all to see and he really has done some neat little filming with QuickSilver scenes. In DOFP, the scene was the highlight. In this one, IMHO his scene is expanded on a grander scale but still falls short of the excitement of the Alkali Lake scene (something that is teased in the trailers). Editing is done well which allows the scenes to blend and interlink seamlessly. All in all the technical output is really great but some of the writing fails to support it.

The "On-Screen Work"
The movie was centered around the 4 principle characters of this franchise - Xavier, Erik, Raven and Hank played by the talented James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nick Hoult and they needed to deliver on this movie. From all facets of acting, they did deliver. However, the movie belonged more to James and Michael rather than Jennifer and Nick. Mind you, they all did a splendid job in delivering top notch performances but the range of emotions shown by James and Michael were really amazing. At the time of writing this piece, it was known that this movie is the final one for them. However, money has done some amazing things in the past and might just tempt them to come back and do this RDJ style.

Evan Peters as QuickSilver was again awesome and newcomers Sophie Turner (fresh off bolting from Bolton - sorry had to add this GoT pun) Tye Sheridan & Kodi Smit-McPhee did some really good work as Jean Grey, Cyclops and Night Crawler. Olivia Munn had a good but limited presence so did Alexandra Shipp and Ben Hardy as Psylocke, Storm and Angel respectively.

Finally Oscar Issac delivers a fine villainous performance as the main villain Apocalypse. Underneath all the make up and special effects, his authority and power as the main villain really shows him up as the real deal and blends well with the tone of the franchise. 

A hat tip to the lucky charm of the franchise - those claws never looked so shiny matey! :)

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but XMen Apocalypse still delivers a watchable action packed package. The 3rd movie in any franchise is not the best one - this trend continues with this franchise but it gives a solid conclusion to this trilogy in the best way possible.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Dynamite! Captain America Civil War Movie Review

Censor Rating: PG-13(USA), U/A (India)
My Score: 4/5

Consider a fact: Civil War is the 13th movie in the MCU franchisee. Even if you ignore the realization that 13 is an unlucky number, surely you would think that the audience has been given an overdose of comics which have been around for decades. No way can Marvel pull the rabbit out of the hat and have everyone salute their creative direction and the overall feel good factor that comes with it. Right? That was precisely the thought with which I entered the cinema hall yesterday to witness once again, how Marvel continues to amaze me!

Captain America Civil War is a straight up follow up sequel to the Winter Soldier but it also factors in the events of all the other movies that took place thereafter. When I looked at the trailers, it sort gave me a vibe of being an Avengers 2.5 version - a midway between Ultron and Infinity Wars. That disappointed me because I felt they just didnt want to go ahead and complete the Captain America storyline. But after 2 and half hours, I was relieved.

So, Civil War basically makes the Avengers take sides - take responsibility of their actions based on what happened since the dawn of the superheroes. Simply put it, it has Steve Rogers who does not like the idea of countries getting the Avengers under their thumb and it has Tony Stark who feels that regulation would allow them to get more accountability and monitoring. Things get out of hand when Bucky (The Winter Soldier) is identified as the one who blew up a UN convention causing Steve and Tony to push their friendship to the brink. With an intricate back story, the movie takes us through the conflict which has been brewing since the very first Avengers movie and tries to answer the most exciting question - in a duel between IronMan and Captain America, who would win?

Story & Direction: Hands down this is the best story which I have seen in a long time. The multi-plot threading sounded very difficult to execute on paper but the screenplay was really good and pacey. Yes there were a few dull moments but that can be forgiven to the sheer monster of a second half which invested you emotionally as well as gave you something to cheer/laugh about. As always is the case with an MCU flick, the dialogues and wise cracks were brilliant and were really tied together well with the entire movie.

The introduction of new characters namely the Black Panther and Spiderman has been done amazingly well and the use of Ant-man is also handled really well. In fact for me, these 3 characters truly stand out in this movie and really help increase the interest quotient in the 2nd half.

The Russo Brothers have now taken over the mantle of being the go-to guys in the MCU. After Joss Whedon left the universe for greener pastures, they have taken up the responsibilities and gave a taste of what the Infinity Wars be like. With brilliant camera work and action direction, they bring out the very best of the story and thread it nicely with some really slick performances. Overall a good job.

The Cast: With a cast who has worked with each other on multiple projects, the chemistry is un-parallel. Chris Evans and Robert Downing Jr are simply the best Rogers and Stark. I will not be able to see anyone playing those roles ever now. All the supporting cast members, Scarlett Johannson, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Paul Bentley (phew) have all done some really amazing work in the past MCU movies and really bring their A game to the front.

The new comers to the MCU - Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther and Tom Holland as Spiderman were really interesting additions. They were brought right into the conflict and were given the stage to show off their skills as actors. Both didnt disappoint and put a good first time in with the character. Boseman in particular had a lot of screen time and he made full show of it. I am really excited now for the Black Panther movie coming out in the next couple of years.

Bottomline: Easily trumping BatmanvSuperman, Civil War just shows that even the biggest characters can be managed into a single fun filled entertainment package. I loved Winter Soldier, was slightly disappointed with Ultron, but this movie restores my faith in the entire MCU process and makes me eagerly wait for Dr Steven Strange to be introduced this November.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Knocked Out! Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice Movie Review

Censor Rating: PG-13(USA), U/A (India)
My Score: 2.5/5

I have a couple of admissions to make. a) I am huge DC superhero fan boy. b) I was seriously scared when they announced Dawn Of Justice back in 2013. The scary part was largely due to the fact that it was back then touted as a sequel to the events of the "Man Of Steel" a movie which was panned by critics and made the audiences take drastic sides. Moreover, the treatment done to the Batman character by the Nolan brother is a thing of legend. So, naturally if someone else wants to toy with that then it does really make you think "do you really need to do that"? As these fears subside, I found out that the movie release was pushed further and would now release in 2016 summer. What was even more shocking was that Warner and DC wanted to pit this movie against a proven franchise Marvel's Civil War. Then someone in the DC/WB hierarchy did the smart thing and pulled the movie from that rather "eventful" showdown and chose to release this movie 2 months earlier. So, did all this calm me down? Did the movie click? eh!

Regardless of what people say, I would consider BvS a direct sequel to the Man of Steel. This movie freaking starts where that movie ends!!! How can you not consider this movie as a direct sequel!! So, as I said, this movie shows the Bruce Wayne side of the Zod-Superman battle which culminates in total and utter destruction of property and humanity. The movie pushes forward a couple of years where Bruce gets fueled with the constant thought that Superman is a threat to the world. On the other side, Superman does not approve of Batman's rough methods and decides to take matters into his own hands if pushed into a corner. To this entire mix, comes along Lex Luthor to just stir the pot and makes everyone collide!! 

Writing & Direction: This is where the problem lies. Writing! You have a fantastic plot and then you somehow wind up just messing it all up!! The first act simply was incoherent! The 2nd act is bit better but still reels under the 1st act's exploits. The final act is basically the climactic fight that brings in the Trinity of the DC Universe - Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman to take out the not-so-secret-anymore villian Doomsday. I know Ben Affleck brought in his Argo trusted screenwriter to better this movie but even he couldnt save this one. The pace was so slow, the emotions were so over-proportionately added, it just didnt make sense anymore. In some places the writing looked hurried. In some places it was really slow! What it did show us is that DC really wanted too much to be exposed in this movie and they needed a lot of pieces in place for Justice League. This really made the movie a big royal writing mess.

Character writing is also really bad. The most confusing character is that of Lex Luthor. If that was the intention then great but I personally didnt understand what his motivation factors were nor what he intended to do with Doomsday assuming that Doomsday won! Plus his ramblings were really incoherent (There's that word again) to say the least. Wonder Woman seem to be forceful addition to this movie. Her character, however, is setup quite well which makes me want to wait for the standalone movie next year.

On the flip side, the movie did go all out in defining the new version of Batman to the world. That was the part which was fun. But then again, the Batman action was limited to only 1 fight scene! Only 1 fight scene!! That is it. The showdown choreography was also pretty lame. But that is to be blamed on direction.

300 was panned by critics but I enjoyed it. Sucker Punch was panned by critics but I liked it. Man of Steel was panned but I appreciated it. Zack Snyder's work is something which I really enjoyed in the past. However, now when I think of it, the guy just has 1 formula which he keeps on applying on different movies! This movie was no different. Take the showdown scene as an example. It was really bad. I didnt enjoy it one bit. I was just waiting for it to end. You know why? Becoz the direction was all over the place. The camera movements were slow close that you couldnt even track it. If this is how Justice League is going to be treated, then I am really fearful for WB/DC. Zack, please get your act together else it wont really end well!

Special Effects: Considering the movie's budget and the fact that the time taken to make and release this movie, the effects had to be bang on and thank god they were. They were nice, crisp and neatly presented.

Cast: This movie is about Ben Affleck and that guy is the saving grace here. He has really come a long way since Gigli and it showed in this movie. He really understood and presented the character of Bruce Wayne and Batman with amazing tenacity. He gave us a Batman which has substance and the will to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Its completely different from what we have seen before and yes he did a fantastic job. If he is going to direct the Batman flick down the line, I will be taking the front row seats!

Henry Cavill does a good job. Considering the story revolves around him, he actually carries himself well in the movie and packs some good emotional/conflicted moments in the movie. Amy Adams is a delight to watch. Jesse Eisenberg really tries his best to do justice to a very confusing character write up. He really has the charm to pull it off. But just doesnt have the right dialogues to do it with.

Special mention to Gal Gadot here. People (including me) didnt think that she can carry Wonder Woman but she really steals the show in the 3rd act. Awesome!

Bottom Line: So, if you ask me to describe this movie in a word, then it would be, yes you guessed it, incoherent. With BvS Dawn Of Justice, DC tries to penetrate the Marvel armour but ends up just scratching the surface. Although it sets up for future movies, but itself gets knocked out in the process. I liked the Dark tone but I didnt like the treatment and as a DC fan boy, you would imagine how disappointed I am. But mind you, the rating given is purely becoz of the saving grace that was the character of Batman and the final act involving Wonder Woman.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Deadly fun! Deadpool Movie Review

Censor Rating: R (USA), A (India)
My Score: 4.5/5
Sometime ago, a test screen footage of the proposed Deadpool movie was leaked online which gathered amazing fanfare. The "merc with the mouth" was shown in his full glory (and gory) which propelled fans to push for a feature film on the character. The push was enough for the producers to understand that this character has immense potential despite the most pathetic rendition shown in the Wolverine Origins movie. Luckily, Ryan Reynolds saved a bit of class for that character in the 2009 flick. But the test footage (which can be viewed through this post) was "nail on the head" moment (no pun intended) for us to see this character come to life on the big screen.

So, what is Deadpool? Its a romantic mercenary story that touches your heart?? Nahhhh, it is a fun ride which uses the most innovative means of character development. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) plays a quick witted, motor mouth mercenary with a military background who makes a quick buck through some odd jobs that he gets. However, the realization of cancer spreading through his system makes him desperate due to which in the spur of the moment signs up to undertake a torturous treatment which gives him the ability to heal rapidly. However, the procedure horribly disfigures him and makes him look like ******* (fill the stars with what best you like based on what Weasel says). There starts Wade's (and our) journey as he sets out to take revenge on the person who gave him this treatment.

Story and Direction: Heavily inspired by the comic, story stays true to what fans and comic geeks alike love about the character. Story is pretty straight forward but the screenplay really plays out very well. I have to hand it over to the writers on this. This is the best paced screenplay that I have seen in a long time (last time I saw it was in Guardians of the Galaxy). Its fun, quirky, completely action packed and riddled with awesome dialogues that keep coming at you one after the another. The nods, puns and fun poking at other movies is apparent right from the start credits and continues right up to the end credit scene (yes this one also has it). Best part is that the movie pokes mighty fun at Ryan Reynolds and his career choices as well as other superhero movies. Thats what makes this movie stand out. The blending of the XMen franchise with this movie was done well and sets up the cinematic universe for all to imagine.

For a newbie director, Tim Miller provides a flawless output. He really knows the material well and does a phenomenal job in bringing the screenplay to life. He knows this actor and does some awesome sequences which get the best out of Ryan. Considering his movie and how brilliant it was, he really has a bright future.

Visuals and Effects: In the effects and action department, the movie had to deliver and boy did it deliver! Simply spectacular sequences and scintillating effects were the cornerstone of this movie. Action choreography was breathtaking and slow-mo/still shots were beautifully rendered on the screen. If at all, I had to crib/nitpick was that sometimes the action sequences were too up close which gave me a hard time in terms of tracking and admiring the sequences.

Cast: Ryan Reynolds was born to play this character. He has passion for this character and that clearly shows in his output as he comes out right on top in this movie in terms of delivering a near perfect performance. Deadpool is him and he is deadpool. Its a blessing that his outing as the Lantern was a flop. Otherwise he would have been linked with DC and Pool would never have been rendered on the big screen.

The supporting cast is really good with TJ Miller providing a good comic timing (although his role was reduced). Rest of the cast also did a good job but nothing worth calling out as the entire movie was a pure Ryan Reynolds show!!

Bottomline: Its a really fun action filled movie which I have seen in quite some time. Its a completely different take on the superhero genre which really works and manages to connect with the audience it intends to. Deadpool gives more bang for a buck than any other movie in the superhero genre and remember.....always count your bullets!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

More Light than Dark! Star Wars: Force Awakens Movie Review!

Censor Rating: PG-13 (USA), U/A (India)
My Score: 4/5

Contrary to what people say, I am not a Star Wars fanboy. I am just someone who appreciates cinema when it is made really well. So, when I was introduced to this "Star Wars" movie, a sci-fi flick, made in 1977, my expectations were really dumbed down. In fact, I am not at all happy or impressed with that movie. It was before the time the makers decided to age up the special effects and remaster it digitally. So, I am one of the very few of my Indian generations who has seen the "original Star Wars". The only real thing that I liked about that movie was its narration and the way characters were scripted. Those were the key to this huge mythological universe which was created by George Lucas and gave rise to an amazing fanboy following. The series came full circle in 2005 with the final of the 6 movies. However, a couple of years back, Disney took over LucasFilms and AWAKENED STAR WARS! 

So, whats this one about? 30 years have passed since the Empire was defeated. However, there is a disturbance in the force (pun intended). Luke is missing and Empire's ashes have given rise to a New Order which is trying to overthrow the New Republic. The Resistance is their first real line of defence, a shadow group. which is working to counteract the effects of the New Order. Whilst this is going on, a new character, Rey, is drawn into this conflict which is partly involved in defeating the New Order and locating the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi knight. Pursued by Kylo Ren and his Supreme Leader Snoke, we follow the adventures of all our heroes (Han Solo, Leia, Chewie) as they go about trying to save the republic! Perfect Star Wars material - eh?

Story & Direction: My yardstick for this movie would always have been the story and they got it spot on. Its always a difficult aspect to bring in the new without forgetting the old. The trick is to use the old to allow fans to help accept the new characters in the movie. The older movies didnt have to do that. They worked well becoz the principal characters in that movie were relatively small. It would have been really easy for the makers to go crazy and introduce a host of new characters. But that would mean a crowded curtain call and complete utter confusion. So, it was really heartening to see them take the story forward like that. I am not saying that the story was perfect, but it was good enough to allow the new trilogy to be relevant in today's time. The plot lines had a degree of predictability attached to it but that didnt over power the fun part of the story. The best part which I liked about the movie was the tease involving Luke Skywalker (enough said).

Special mention to the screenplay here, it was really pacy, which is unlike Star Wars, but it is very much JJ Abrams territory. He and his team did a decent job in making an entertaining film. He pulled the movie back a bit in the 2nd half but that was more to help the mythology grow which isnt incorrect. 

What can I write about the director who has now revitalized 2 of the most endured sci-fi franchises on the planet. JJ Abrams is the man for anyone looking to rejuvenate any franchise. His attention to detail and capability to adapt to that franchise style makes him the most valued director in the industry today. This is an out and out Abrams movie and you would really get that flavour during the course of it. All in all, full marks to him and May the Force be with him (pun intended).

Visuals & Effects: As expected with a movie of such magnitude and budget, the effects are top-notch and the attention to detail in terms of make up, surroundings and character designs is simply brilliant. Kudos to the production team for such a high quality work.

The Cast: As I said, it was important for the franchise to have a blend of old and new characters in the movie which would allow the makers to phase out the old and concentrate on the new. The makers have been extremely fortunate to have almost the entire star cast back in attendance for this. This movie was not going to be a success without them and it proved.Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill are the corner stones of the original franchise and their existence in this new world was crucial for the movie's flowing storyline. Needless to say, they were awesome, specially Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.

Of the new lot, have to give a round of applause to Adam Driver. His character of Kylo Ren is so complex, that I couldnt believe he pulled it off. He is amazingly gifted and is a true find of this series. I just hope that his character is allowed to mature in the sequels to come rather than getting abruptly terminated. Daisy Ridley as Rey was also brilliant and provided a mature performance. John Boyega was also nice and turned in a good performance loaded with amazing comic timing. Another mention is Oscar Issac who is on a roll recently and will set the screen ablaze next year with his rendition of Apocalypse.

Final Thoughts: Clearly, a well made movie, Force Awakens provides a super launching pad for this trilogy to kick off. Its easily one of the top movies in the franchise (might be after Episode 5 and 6). Although it is predictable, it still allows the makers to tell a story which is relevant not only to the 80s fan boys but to the new generation as well. I cant wait for Episode 8 to begin as the curiosity has truly awakened in this amazingly long lasting franchise.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ridiculously small! Ant-Man Movie Review

Censor Rating: PG-13 (USA), U/A (India)
My Score: 2/5

A movie conception is always a delicate thing because it is at its inception can a film maker decide what needs to be and what does not need to be in the movie. However, when a studio tinkers with this thought process, you get "creative differences" causing a dilution of the basic movie concept - resulting in a movie like Ant-man.

Marvel kicks off "phase 3" of their cinematic universe with this miniature superhero with a enormous heart. The movie dwells on the basic origin story premise which features both Hank Pym (the original Ant-man as part of comics) and Scott Lang (the one who inherits it from Pym) while playing a part in expanding the universe of superhero to a more detailed level. The introduction of this movie is done keeping in mind next summer's Avengers 2.5 aka Captain America civil war. In brief, the story is about Hank Pym's struggle in keeping the Ant-Man technology out of the hands of this prodigee Darren Cross and how he enlists Scott Lang (who has his own set of issues) to deal with Cross.

Story & Direction: I must say easily this is the most disappointing script coming out of MCU which I have seen till date. The writing has that flare of Edger Wright which we have seen and loved in the Cornetto Trilogy but forced humour, typical character perils and lack of focus on the story line are the main reasons for this being such a snooze fest during the initial build up. The movie does claw back some of cool stuff and gets its humour together during the climax which becomes its saving grace. Again, if I know Wright's work, I can tell that it was entirely his conceptualization.

Peyton Reed knows Paul Rudd and their chemistry is the centerpiece of the direction of this movie. Peyton does a good job in directing a movie in which he was brought in as a last minute replacement but since he isnt involved during the conceptualization, it shows in the direction. Having said that he does put in an honest day's work in this flick.

Visuals & Effects: As it is customary with MCU movies, special effects are top notch and state of the art. The climax in particular is brilliantly choreographed and executed which effectively ends up saving the movie a bit.

The Cast: Where the script was in complete disarray, the casting was pretty much spot on. Paul Rudd looks and behaves like Scott Lang. He brings that humbleness to the character which is of a father trying to mend his way in order to be with his daughter. Evangeline Lily as Hope Van Dyne does a good job but essentially sets herself up for future work in the MCU. Corey Stoll as Darren Cross provides a good typical antagonist.

With Michael Pena and the rest, some comic factors are introduced which initially are really flat but provide some good relief at the end. Michael Douglas as Hank Pym was a surprise inclusion into the MCU but was the perfect seasoned Hank Pym who coaches Scott Lang to become the new Ant-Man. Anthony Mackie is brought in just to tie in Ant-Man to the MCU. Thats it!

The Bottomline: The weakest movie of the MCU, it makes me wonder if the MCU has ran out of steam or is the quality been compromised just to ensure that all these movies contribute to the entire MCU rather than being stand alone. Edger Wright exited because of precisely this issue and now I understand why. The movie will make money but it will be considered as a flop and the entire onus will fall on Kevin Feige who needs to understand and curb this pattern. Is Ant-Man a workable movie concept? Yes, Is Ant-Man the movie workable? for me, No.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Roaring Return! Jurassic World Movie Review!

Censor Rating: RPG-13 (USA), U/A (India)
My Score: 3/5

Its an interesting year for people like me. Ring in the new as well as the old I would say. Summer started with a bang (sort of) with Ultron and now I have seen 2 back to back movies introducing the newer generations to old times. Mad Max was a thrill ride which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can read all about my experience here. But we arent talking about Mad Max. Its another iconic movie which got resurrected this weekend. It redefined movie making and set a gold standard in visual effects. After 20 years, the park is finally open!

Exactly as it sounds, the movie's premise is set around 20 years after the events of the very first movie. John Hammond's company Ingen has been taken over by Masrani Corp which took steps in reopening the park. We begin our journey in a thriving park branded as "Jurassic World" which has reached a saturation point. So, in order to improve business, the people behind the park undertake genetic remodelling to deliver a new hybrid dinosaur titled "Indominus Rex". However, as it is with these movies, things quickly go out of hand and the events unfold with chaos, thrills and destruction being the chief parameters.

Story & Direction: It was interesting to see the writing approach which was taken for this movie. Although it looked unconventional, it wasnt. In fact, this was a natural direction the franchise had to take in order to survive. Lets face it, another Jurassic Park movie where humans are hunted by dinosaurs freely roaming around would not have set the cash registers ringing at the box office. What the writers do instead is exactly the same thing but with an exception of making humans feel that they are in complete control before things go haywire. When the credits rolled, I was thinking, well this is an ending that I have seen before! Having said that, I still feel that this is a logical yet safe direction which the makers could have taken. 
The screenplay was typical Jurassic Park style where we have some good little comical nuggets blended in with some thrills and heavy duty dino action. The pace was decent but felt rushed at some places. The dialogues were good enough though compared to the previous sequels. The thing which I liked in the writing was the homage which was paid to the original Jurassic Park and the finale which felt kind of cheesy yet cool at the same time.

Considering that this was Colin Trevorrow's 1st real big budget movie, I would use the word "phenomenal" in terms of the work which he did. He knew the source material really well and treated it with atmost respect. He didnt do many adventurous things in the movie and choose to play safe most of the times. It paid off and the end result is really good piece of work. Hope I see more of his movies.

Visuals & Effects: This movie worked purely because of its thrills. The effects and visuals played a huge role on it. Having said that, at some instances, the effects really felt unfinished or bland. But overall, people who see the movie would be happy to see near life like dinosaurs again ruling the big screen. 

The Cast: If you set aside the dinosaurs, the movie was carried on mostly by 4 principal cast members. Chris Pratt is having a really nice career off late with Marvel and now Jurassic Park knocking on the door. He shows a good mature performance with a comical turn and timing which only he is capable of. In other words, he is in red hot form.

Bryce Dallas Howard is seen on screen after a long time and she provides a decent enough performance. Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins are the kids in distress this time around and they also turn in a good performance. The supporting cast of Vincent D'Onofrio, Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy & BD Wong (the scientist from the original movie) provide a strong support in driving the story narration forward.

Bottomline: Traditional yet modern, Jurassic World has the essence of the original movie but lacks the finishing touches due to a predictable ending. However, it does have its own moments like the final battle which gives you goose bumps and takes you back to the days of John Hammond when he filled up the screen and said "Welcome to Jurassic Park!".